Link Dump 11/21/12

A bad picture of yourself to use for your website dedicated to convincing people you aren’t a murderous drug addict.

It’s almost Thanksgiving so go drink with people you went to high school with:

An in-depth timeline of Twitter slowly ruining itself, apparently in a quest to be more like Facebook.

John McAfee, anti-virus software founder, “person of interest” in a murder investigation, and fugitive from the law in Belize, has a blog.

Matt Yglesias is slowly realizing what’s been obvious since the election: that Republicans don’t want a deal on the “fiscal cliff” at all.

That whole “kid in college basketball game scores 138 points in one game” thing is a total sham.

Or is it? Maybe the whole system is a sham, dude.

Ecstasy could be used to treat PTSD, but our ridiculous drug laws prevent comprehensive research.

It’s a new evening:


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