Link Dump 12/05/12

I’m way too busy to copy/paste 6 links a day, so this is the first one in like a week:

The Houston Rockets’ win over the Lakers last night is statistically the worst win of the last 18 years in the NBA.

Windows 8 is a disaster. Here’s Jakob Nielsen’s usability report on the operating system.

Is Gangnam Style the key to the apocalypse?

If you lost money when the government shut down online poker sites, you’re probably screwed.

The cable TV bubble is bursting.

Maybe I’ve been around the internet too long, but sad lonely people faking illnesses for attention is like the least surprising thing ever. Good article though!

China is claiming laughably large parts of international shipping routes, and reserving the right to board ships of those who disagree. Hopefully I’ll age out of the war-fighting demographic before this shit gets too real.


Boards of Canada was jumping from space before it was a thing:


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